About Us



Claire and Melisa have colaborated together for clients as Sony, H03RRAUM and the Fulldome Festival of Jena (Germany) making fulldome visualisation and multimedia productions such as performances combined with animation, photography and video projections.

They graduated together with the multimedia performance BLACK BODY RADIATION which was honored with Summa cum Laude, was awarded with the ‘Bauhaus Graduation Scholarship’ and was nominated for the ‘Medien Kunst Preis 2016’ at the Bauhaus- Universtät, Weimar. The performance is inspired by the experiments of Max Planck where the concept of quantum and the dual nature of light was conceived. It merges dance and projection of images (animation, photography and video) with electroacoustic soundscapes.
During their studies they created the main scenes for the play “Kometentanz” a combination of Fulldome and live performance with dance and acting, which was the opening performance of the Fulldome Festival 2014 in Jena.