Black Body Radiation

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 Black Body Radiation

• Multimedial performance that combines animation, video, sound, video mapping and stage design
• Techniques: After Effects (+Trapcode Suite), Stopmotion, Video
• Software: Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Dragon Frame.

Degree work Media Art and Design (M.F.A.)
Mark: 1.0 and Summa Cum Laude
Awarded with the Bauhaus Graduation Scholarship
Nominated for the ‘Media Art Award 2016’; Bauhaus Universität – Weimar
Under advice of Prof. Dr. Walter Bauer-Wabnegg and Prof. Micky Remann
Bauhaus Universität – Weimar, Germany; 2015/16


„Black Body Radiation“ is a multimedia Performance with dance and projections, inspired by Max Planck’s experiments to blackbody radiation.
Blackbodies are not only presented objectively in terms of physics but are as well understood subjectively as a metaphor for a delimited space in which photons, atoms, the mind and the human body act and interact – with other words: dance.
Abstract animated visualizations and recorded footage are complemented by electronic music.
With this hybrid language the production contributes to the interdisciplinary bridge between science and art.

Concept, project management, animation, editing, choreography, photography and stage design:
Melisa Palacio Lopez / Claire Dorweiler
Noise Canteen – Bert Liebold
Jakob Stolz
Camera Performance Documentation:
Alexander Graeff, Marina Belikova
Stage Lighting:
David Leroy, Alexander Graeff

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