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Paladorvision is an initiative to visualize knowledge based on multimedia design.
We develop visual solutions for companies, who are willing to find a partner to communicate essential information to an audience. We work with innovative formats as fulldome projections and the fusion between dance and animation as well as with well known media like video, graphic design and motion design.

Our ambition is to bridge the gap between multiple disciplines and facilitate communication. That is why our world view is open minded and we are keen on creating friendly atmospheres. We do not just deliver information, we make them dynamic experiences ready for international contexts.

Paladorvision opens a spectrum of possibilities to translate knowledge into aesthetic manifestations. Therefore, we use our versatile skills to work professionally and we put ourselves into it.

Brand values:

  • Versatile
    Open Minded

You search for:
a partner to communicate essential content to an audience
a way to facilitate exchange between multiple disciplines
a medium that is internationally understandable
an aesthetic expression for your innovations

We offer:
multiple media design for important messages
storytelling and video clips for education
dynamic experiences which convey your contents
open minded atmospheres for clients, coproducers and audiences.

Our Media:
animation and motion design
video clips
graphic design
fulldome movies
staging of performances