Die Drei Fragezeichen

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Die Drei ??? und die schwarze Katze

Art Direction for the production of Sony Music Entertainment, Europe and H03RRAUM Media.
Development of the look, illustration and animation

• 360° Fulldome-Visualisations for a 3D audio play in Spatial Sound
• Techniques: Animation of Vector Illustrations
• Softwares: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

Shows at:

Hamburg Planetarium, Berlin Planetarium, Bochum Planetarium, Mannheim Planetarium, Wolfsburg Planetarium, Jena Planetarium, Kiel Mediendom


The look is based on features of the “Drei???” corporate design. :
The characteristic colours black, white, red, blue are integrated into the 360° projections at harmonious points. The style of the visualizations is based on the illustrations of the audio play covers by Aiga Rasch/Silvia Christoph. The style is also based on the 1970s, as the original version of the story dates from this period.
In the fulldome visualizations, places of the plot are shown, so that the audience is part of the action and can experience the story immersively, e.g. when the three detectives ride the chain carousel, the round visualization turns and transforms itself in the dome, so that the spectators can also become slightly dizzy. The animations of the illustrations are adapted to the dramaturgy of the audio play. At certain points the movements appear in harmony with the auditory dynamics, at other points in contrast. Characters are not illustrated, but connected with abstract structures, for identification with the events. Important considerations of the detectives appear in individual typography and form an outline to the topic, which is unravelled.


In a small touring circus, the three detectives Peter, Bob and Justus investigate in their latest case: A sinister-looking man wants to take an ugly stuff cat by force, steals it and searches the next day via newspaper ad for more cats – There must there be something more behind it!
The case brings them into contact with various circus members, takes them to a lonely house on the coast, to a disused amusement park and gives them a boat trip on the high seas.
The new and extended version of the popular classic from 1971.

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