Janus Faced

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A Choreografic Fulldome-Intermezzo

• Multimedial performance that combines animation in fulldome format with live dance on stage
• Techniques: Computer generated animated forms
• Software: Adobe After Effects

Content and Concept

Commissioned work for the opening of the award gala of the 12th FullDome Festival in Jena. The award of this festival is a Janus, because this double-headed deity has the privilege of seeing 360° films at a glance.

“Janus-Faced” is about the ability of the god Janus to unite duality.
Two dancers, and the fulldome projections interacting with them, embody two extremes that confront each other. These contrasts are reflected in the animation design and the
movements, as well as in the position of the dancers.
Opposites are strongly abstracted in order to avoid judgement. Both sides that Janus represents and unites are free from valuation. They’re neither good nor bad.
Round, colorful animations combined with flowing movements in dance oppose geometric black and white projections in combination with angular motion sequences and poses.
Both characters resemble each other on one side and are contrary on the other side.
Depending on the position, that the dancers have to each other, either the opposition seems stronger, or the aspects, which unite them. Both show a natural human face on one half, and also both wear black – one on the upper and one on the lower part of the body. The other side of the face and the body of each, is based on differences and designed individually, matching to the respective projections.
The performance is an interplay between antagonism, encounter and unity.

The design of the prize to be awarded is included in the projection: Parts of the trailer for the 12th Fulldome Festival are integrated (Modeled and Animated by Mohammad Jaradat with the Software Autodesk 3Ds Max) and matched to the choreography.

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