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• A multimedia piece – theater and dance in interaction with an 360° Fulldome projection and Spatial Sound.
• Premiere at the „FullDome Festival 2014“ in Jena, Germany.
• Animation techniques: 3D animation and modelling combined with digital photography.
• Software: 3ds Max, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects
• Techniques: 3D- and 2D animation, video


„Kometentanz“ (Comet Dance) is an “astral pantomime” by Paul Scheerbart, written around 1900.
A king is bored with the entertaining dances of his court and the entire earthly world. He leaves his frustration on his subordinates. Instead, the king worships highly the cosmos. He sees in him all the positive.
However, when cosmic beings actually come to earth, the whole court is shocked at first. Soon after, everyone wants to join in the fascinating dances of the heavenly bodies and to ascend with them into the cosmic worlds. But the stars and comets refuse the king’s orders. The situation on earth escalates. Ultimately, three large comets prevent a multiple execution by kidnapping the king, the maid, and the executioner into space.


Production of the three core scenes and the final scene:
Melisa Palacio, Claire Dorweiler, Laura Anzola and Rodrigo Díaz
Director of the Kometentanz Show: Micky Remann


C. Dorweiler (2014): Kometentanz. Varianten einer Verbindung aus FullDome und Live-Performance. Jahrbuch immersiver Medien, Marburg, Schüren.

Fulldome Festival 2014

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